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How to Register

  1. Deadline of registration: January 20, 2018.

  2. Open the conference registration website: http://gec.customs.gov.cn/gec_en/746008/index.html.


  3. New users click "Registration".


  4. For new users who have not registered on the website, click " Create an account " to create your website account.


  5. (1) Fill in the username column with a valid E-mail address.

  (2) Fill the password column with Numbers, letters or symbols.

  (3) Fill in the verification code column with the numbers behind.

  (4) Click CONFIRM.


  6.Create a new account successfully.


  7. After registration, it will return to the login interface.


  8. Log in with the newly registered account, enter user name, password and verification code, and click login.


  9. Enter the registration interface of the conference after login and fill in the real information of the participants (* as required).


  10. After completing the information, click "submit", pop up the confirmation window, and check the information:
        (1) click "confirm and submit", the registration information is submitted and cannot be changed;
        (2) click "temporary storage", the registration information is temporarily saved, which can be further improved and submitted;
        (3) click "close" , go back to the registration interface.


  11. We wiil send an invitation letter to your e-mailbox for VISA requirements.

  12. The final list will be published on the website after deadline.


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