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Customs Allows CR Express to Become a New Channel for Import of Cross-Border E-Commerce Goods

A container truck fully loaded with milk powder, vitamin drinks and other cross-border e-commerce goods slowly drove into the Airport Park of China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-Commerce Pilot Zone on June 28, 2017, parked at a bonded warehouse, and started unloading under Customs control. According to Hu Xiao, Regional Director for Europe, Dolphin Cross-Border Tech (HK), consignee of those cross-border e-commerce goods, “cross-border e-commerce goods can be transported by CR Express freight train in a rapid and well-preserved manner, and this is the 58th batch of goods we have imported.”

Different from traditional maritime and air transportation of cross-border e-commerce goods, this batch of cross-border e-commerce goods were delivered from Duisburg to Yiwu by “Madrid – Yiwu” CR Express, and then were transferred to Hangzhou airport cross-border e-commerce park through Customs transit. “It only took 14 days, which is half the time traditional maritime transportation takes. Besides, a train can transport much more per trip than a plane.” Hu Xiao believes CR Express is a more economic and efficient channel for transportation of cross-border goods.

Along with thorough implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, Zhejiang Province’s CR Express transportation business has become increasingly popular. The integration of cross-border e-commerce with international railway transportation not only provides enterprises with more business opportunities, but also raises new requirements to Cstoms control services. Hangzhou Customs has been trying to promote a “road-rail combined transportation” mode by providing inspection, Customs transit and other one-stop Customs clearance services for cross-border e-commerce goods imported by CR Express through assignment of dedicated personnel for formalities, Customs clearance by appointment, entry into pilot zone before clearance of goods, co-working with enterprises on the platform of CR Express and other measures. Cross-border e-commerce goods can be rapidly transferred to cross-border e-commerce parks in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other areas through “road-rail combined transportation” after being delivered to Yiwu by CR Express.

Statistics show that the volume of cross-border e-commerce goods imported by CR Express (Yiwu) has been steadily rising since China’s first batch of cross-border e-commerce goods imported by CR Express arrived at China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-Commerce Pilot Zone on May 31, 2016. Over the past one year, volume of cross-border e-commerce goods imported by CR Express (Yiwu) reached 286 TEU, which is worth of CNY 127 million, and accounts for 22% of total number of containers imported by trains over the same period of time.


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