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“Cross-Department One-Stop Inspection” of Cross-Border E-Commerce Goods in Dongguan

Loads of goods piled up on the inspection platform of Dongguan Qiying International Express Parcel Center on January 8, 2018. Yang Zhihui and Chen Jianjun, Customs officers of Shatian Office of Huangpu Customs along with Yang Dongli and Xie Shuxia, staff of Shatian Office of Dongguan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau walked to the piles with documents or mobile inspection equipments, checking those documents, equipments as well as commodity information from time to time.

This is the first “cross-department one-stop inspection” conducted by Shatian Office of Huangpu Customs and Shatian Office of Dongguan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. “Cross-department one-stop inspection” means the officers of the two authorities arrive at the same inspection site as scheduled, perform their own duties respectively after opening the boxes, and then jointly carry out inspections. This is an important initiative of the Customs to further optimize operational environment for cross-border e-commerce so as to promote its further development.

According to Huang Guohua, Deputy Director, Shatian Office of Huangpu Customs, “the second round physical inspection is avoided through cross-department one-stop inspection, with the inspection mode changing from “in series” to “in parallel”. It’s an important initiative to improve Customs clearance efficiency, allowing goods to be delivered to consumers as soon as possible.

Huangpu Customs carrying out ‘cross-department one-stop inspection’ of

cross-border e-commerce import goods


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