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Ningbo’s Cross-Border E-Commerce Concludes 46 Million Forms Worth CNY 8 Billion in 2017

Ningbo Customs announced that in 2017 a total of 45.9296 million import declaration forms for cross-border e-commerce were approved by Customs, with the total sales amount reaching CNY 8.011 billion, up 60.48% and 48.85% year-on-year, respectively, serving more than 10 million consumers in Japan, Germany, Australia and South Korea, etc., with the best-selling commodities including infant formula milk powder, paper diapers and cosmetics.

Recent years have witnessed rapid growth in Ningbo’s cross-border e-commerce, with a growth spurt during promotion seasons. On November 11, 2017, the retail imports of cross-border e-commerce reached 6.01 million forms worth CNY 970 million, up 8.6 times and 7.8 times year-on-year, respectively, both the quantity and the value ranking first among all the Customs Districts nationwide.

One office of Ningbo Customs said, “In light of the characteristics of cross-border e-commerce activities such as great variety, large quantity and complex specifications, we have adopted scientific and technological means to gather and master the commodity information in advance, significantly improving the efficiency of inspection and clearance, and we have also implemented Customs clearance control in three shifts around the clock to ensure the commodities delivered to the consumers as soon as possible.”

Ningbo Customs has been constantly innovating its supervisory service initiatives and implementing the supervision model of "centralized inspection, scattered warehousing and multiple check-points release" in an effort to achieve informatization of the whole supervision process, ensuring the traceability of commodities and effectively increasing the efficiency of e-commerce. In 2017, Ningbo Customs has launched for the first time a monitoring and command center and individual audio-visual inspection terminals, fully leveraging the integrated function of centralized video commanding, monitoring and patrol inspection to enhance the efficiency of intensive and integrated management. Meanwhile, X-ray machines and individual inspection terminal were used in combination to give a full play to the scientific and technical utility of image comparison on the same screen and implementation of audio-visual transmission functions, thus enhancing commodity inspection and improving release efficiency. "This non-intrusive inspection method using X-ray machines speeds up the release of normal parcels and reduces repackaging cost, improving overall Customs clearance efficiency," said Cheng Jingquan, an officer of Bonded Zone Customs House in Ningbo.

At present, a modernized cross-border warehousing and logistics base is taking shape in Ningbo, where there are nearly 700 cross-border e-commerce pilot enterprises, including domestic and foreign e-commerce giants such as Amazon, the world's leading e-commerce platform, COSTCO, the second-largest retailer in the United States, and Alibaba's Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, NetEase Kaola and Mia, as well as a number of well-known logistics enterprises at home and abroad such as Cainiao, Kerry Logistics, Best Logistics, SF Express, and HNA USOLV.


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